Can I get a free sentinel using someone else's bank account and use the sentinel for myself?

Actually, I can’t seem to use a bank account anymore to buy the sentinel cheaper, even if I use another device with another name, phone number, email, and location. They only allow credit card, which is a little more money, but it would still be worth it compared to spending $50 on a sentinel. I would like to get the free sentinel a bunch of times and then link them all to my phone if that is possible to get the most amount of xy from each block. Without the sentinel, the least to most xy I get is .01 to .06. In 4 days so far, I have gotten about 68 xy, which isn’t much if other people get .5 to 4 or 5 xy per block. And some people get as much as 40 and 50 per block if they are lucky? How many sentinels do they use for that I wonder. I wonder if I could get 10 sentinels, for about $100, could I get a lot per block from having 10 sentinels linked to my phone. If I were able to use my dad’s account to buy a free one, and my brother’s etc, I would hope it can link to my phone, because I wouldn’t want to buy it if it can only link to their phone number, because I doubt they will open the app much. Also, I can’t buy the geomining kit unless I purchase the free one? Why do I have to get a free one to purchase the geomining kit? As if it is a private page. I already have a free one coming in about a week, but now I can’t seem to see how much a geomining kit is anyway. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!!!

You get the same from the COIN app with 100 sentinels as you get with one.


Then why would I buy more than one? I thought each block will pay more if you have more than one sentinel linked to your device while coin app is running. Also, can I use my dad’s phone number for example, to get the free sentinel, and then hook the sentinel to my phone, or do they premake the sentinel set for only the phone number provided for the free sentinel?

Is the only reason to buy more than one is to give it to other people for getting a percentage of their rewards? I doubt anyone I know will use the app.

Maybe if you have more than one, you can combine them with the bridge? But can you buy the bridge separately or do you have to get the whole mining kit?

If you get more sentinels they will contribute to the system more. They might earn you money eventually. But right now they will not pay you any more. So if your goal is to earn now, they are not a good investment,

Why might they earn me more money eventually, or how rather?