Bridge X image for Mac


Hi, pardon for maybe a dumb question but where do I get the .img file mentioned in instructions below? I only saw a Kotlin bridge build on Github and not sure if that is the right build for Bridge X. Thanks in advance!

Downloading an image to your Bridge X to update it


  • First plug your SDCard into your chosen dongle USB to SDCard reader
  • Open your Mac’s disk utility and navigate to 16gb disk NORELSYS 1081
  • Click Erase
  • Select ExFAT as your format for the new partition
  • Check for successful erase
  • Click on the info button in the disk utility
  • Scroll down to the parent disks
  • Take note of the parent disks name

Go into a terminal window

  • Navigate to the image

    • In downloads (or wherever you keep your downloads) .img file
  • Enter this command

    sudo diskutil unmountDisk /dev/

Then install image to the Bridge

sudo dd if=./xyobridge.img of=/dev/ bs=1m


Ditto… I read the same instructions but could not find the required file :disappointed:

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@vasduba @pinballdreamer I have the same issue, but I’m thinking its just not released yet, this is the image they are sending us out on the SD cards, hopefully it will get pasted online soon as it would make creating archivist setup much easier lol. I have searched all over the Dev pages and Git and can not find it. If any of you do come across it please let me know, would love to grab it also. Thanks!

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:

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Ah, I see…just jumping the gun then. The Matrix is calling me!


has anyone found any info on where to get the image? they said they will be e-mailing people to confirm the address to ship the new SD card and also that we’ll be able to download it and do it ourselves. thanks


@vasduba I just got the email to confirm my address this morning, some received it in the last two or three days. No info on it being on the interwebs yet…sorry

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OK, good to know they are on it. Thanks.


Updated image released.

Not sure what has changed as I haven’t played with it yet.


Nice, thanks for the link!

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Update: Just spoke to XYO support to see if the image in the link above was the same they will be putting on their SD cards and they told me not to use that image and that it may be a scam. Not sure who posted it but don’t use it!

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XYO Support wouldn’t know about it as they are front line support. This image was provided by XYO Devs in

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yeah, it’s legit… @pizzamind posted it on another thread here, plus I saw it on the discord XYO channel as well. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but should tonight. I don’t see a downside in playing right now, the current SD card image is obsolete (but you can back it up anyway if you want) or just put it on another SD card… you can get the same 16 GB SD on Amazon for about $6.


OK, good to hear the image is legit. Please disregard everything I wrote. Gonna go try to get my bridge up. Thanks.


The 4-10 image has a one time use public key which has been claimed already. Try this:


OK, thanks for the update. Re-flashing.


That was easy… didn’t bother claiming it for now, I’m sure it will be updated at some point and I’ll just do it again. Also used a spare 16GB SD card ($6 from Amazon) so I didn’t overwrite the original… although I’m not sure why I’d want to keep the old bridge version… guess I’m just a digital pack rat.


finally got my bridge up and claimed it but when I search for that public key in the Matrix it doesn’t show up. Do I have to do something to make that happen or just wait?


Was using wrong key. Got it working. Onto archivist…”screw it, let’s do it”

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New bridge image available:

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thanks, got mine updated