Bridge infinite loop


Hi all,

I got my mining kit, but my bridge is stuck in an infinite restart loop. I clicked on wireless internet, then it immediately rebooted. Since then the bridge will only restart. Can I remove the sd card and update it roll back the code?


damn, that sucks I’m sorry to hear that you should contact support first off, also try the telegram you’ll be more likely to get a quicker response there, it gets pretty quiet here most of the time.


How long do you have before it re-starts ? You might try connecting an ethernet cable hardwired, there is a beta update available for the bridge if you can get it downloaded. I made an image of the SD card that came with the bridge, but found its tied somehow to the specific raspberry pi, probably the mac address, as it wont boot when placed in a different pi.


I have about 2 secs. I’ve tried to click update firmware and have succeeded in clicking update firmware, but it still restarts. I’ve contacted support, hopefully they’ll have a solution for me soon.


Here is a video that you might find helpful in mining XYO.


I have the same issue with my bridge since I took it out of the box. Were you able to get this fixed?


Good Question! (A Month Later)!!!