Bridge Activity Since Web App release

So to clarify, had anyone successfully connected the bridge through the web app?
If so have you started building an origin chain?
I made some router changes after having it stagnant at 1 for a while and the next day got up to 10 but it hasn’t moved since.
I stil have not had a gain with the web and matrix either.
Anyone else with similar issues?
Are we now still needing to wait for the sd card with updated firmware before building a chain and contributing to our own archivists? So at this point without the bridge functioning properly, is there even a point to building the archivist immediately?

I think we need to get our bridge working. I’m looking for the SD card image. Does anyone have it?

Once your bridge is up and running, you should have all the tools you need to be communicating with the network, building a real chain. Requests made through the Eth diviner or a smart contract are live requests. I imagine there won’t be a whole lot of that though. Most of the traffic will likely be on the testnet (via the Matrix) for now.

Let me know if you find the new Raspian image.

Disclaimer: I really don’t know what I’m talking about, I just think I get it.

same here

Found the Bridge Link! =)
Click Here - Bridge X

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This is only for MacOs is there a PC version or are the steps essential the same, just using CMD prompt instead of Mac Drive?
Not trying to wait on the sd card, wasn’t mt bridge to connect asap so I can start archiving.

Fails to connect to Network

This is how once you get the image file for update, this doesn’t direct update. This is terminal commands basically from simple Linux CL interface. You can download Termux on android, or pull up Terminal in any MacOS, or Use a linux OS such as Unbutu, Mint, Kali, etc. From Chromebook you can use CTRL + ALT + T, which will open Crosh and then just type Shell, to get your command line access. But you need the image file to put onto your SD card. Hope this helps!

How is everyone liking the web app, and the network app on android, would love some feedback. Web app seems good, having some issues with the Android Network app though.


New Network App doesn’t Fn work! Not detecting sentinels

@KaptKos Check out my post in this link and also what @Yompster said and my answer to his comment. I wish it was working too, was hoping it would have basic Sentinel connection, but looks like its still in an Alpha/Beta early phase. Hopefully they will update the app again soon.

Not only does the new XYO Network Application not FUCKING work, it fucks up the video screen on my tablet; I get nothing but a bunch of fucking scrolling lines of pretty colors on my monitor!!!