Bound witnesses on my Phone Not ( Deducing Off Phone)



My B/W Showing on my (Devices) are not deducing when i send Croptographic Bund witnesess to the network. Thay are gust being added back on to the B/W on my phone.

This Stated happening two weeks ago.I had to reinstall Network app had about 1200 B/w on my phone by then. App stoped working . (Do i have a Bug) I Have STOPED Network App


@Zane1 i have about 176 on device that have not off loaded today. However mine were off loading last night. I would give it some time and see what happens. in the mean time have you rebooted the phone ? Did you lose those 1200 BWs?



I rebooted 2 weeks ago Lost 20.000 cryptographic B/w into network

and 5.000 on my network app

when i log out and then log back in i will have lost B/w