Bound Witnesses, Archivists, XYO network App? Please help!

I thought I’d document my experience geomining so far and add in some questions. Would love some feedback!

I started using the COIN app while waiting for my first sentinel- I got it a week after ordering. I got about 110 tokens in the week without the sentinel, with rewards topping out at 0.07. With the sentinel I’m getting between 0.12 and 2.98 tokens per tile.

I connected my sentinel to the XYO network app today. Since around noon I have gotten over 2k+ bound witnesses (one about every 7-9 seconds). I know I’ve read that there aren’t currently any rewards for that, but does anyone have insight as to what those rewards might look like at some point? I’m also curious if I need to connect to an Archivist since I have all these bound witnesses. If anyone has an archivist they could suggest, please let me know the DSN name and port!

Happy hunting!


@jstarr No clear sense of rewards at this time, and would recommend adding an archivist to offload the BWI’s. Try this archivist:, port 11001

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