Bound witness locations

Hi, I was reading the white paper and understand that two sentinels can create a bound witness when they are in proximity of each other but was wondering how the two sentinels know where they are creating the bound witness from without gps?



2 main points here:

First is that many location reliant functions don’t need absolute location such as where a sentinel is with respect to our planet’s coordinate system (GPS). We need to understand things like “The car was in parking spot A for 3hrs and should be charged accordingly for parking”. Or “The package was delivered to the warehouse and the payment can be made”… For these things, just the sentinels observing each other is enough for the proof. i.e. no need for GPS.

Second is that when GPS is needed, it can be spoofed. Having multiple sentinels corroborate each others claimed GPS location allows for consensus and increased confidence that the GPS data is reliable. Bad actors would be held accountable by the rest of the group - this is a fundamental concept in blockchain at large.


Very clear explanation for GPS !

Then, how about sentinels using bluetooth? I’m wondering how I can put my 24 sentinels mining if I just have ONE iphone to pair ONE sentinel? Is the only solution to give the rest of 23 sentinels to my relatives or friends as a gift?

Hmm I see what you mean with the reliability of gps in a decentralized environment, but there still must be a way to tie into the physical location right? The bound witness and origin chain from sentinels provide the proof of the interaction - and proof that the two sentinels were close enough to each other to have this interaction, but how do they determine where the bound witness interaction occurred in physical space? One sentinel would have to be stationary and be assigned a physical location to relay that a car was parked in spot A.

I have a long commute and want to run a sentinel in my car. If I pass a delivery truck and bound witness a sentinel from someone’s package on my way home and then my sentinel connects to my bridge when I park it wouldn’t have the location data in the origin chain if I’m just running a Bluetooth sentinel.

I guess in my original question gps was a bad example, I was more wondering where the location data for the bound witness came from because it at least needs to be tied to some sort of approximate location since the whole concept is to track physical objects.

Thanks in advance!



Hey Otter! For absolute location XYO sentinels could still simply use GPS, BUT the network requires that the sentinels corroborate each other’s GPS “Claim”. It would be a layer on top of GPS (when absolute location is necessary) that mitigates spoofing - not necessarily sidestepping GPS altogether… spoofing two or more sentinels is much more challenging than spoofing one.

Or as you mentioned, rely on sentinels whose position is fixed and known.

XYO just announced their plans to launch satellites to support the network. I think they’re on to a novel idea about using large amounts of relative data to strongly infer absolute data.

Moreover- the point of the network is not simply to “track items”. That’s one use case that is strongly advertised. The network potentially provides assurance regarding many aspects of the environment that the sentinel is in. For example I may not care that my food went from the farm to the store, but I do care that during its journey it stayed at a safe temperature - XYO Network could provide a very strong proof of this.

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How would a bunch of sentinels bumping into each other prove anything about food temperature? Is it even possible for a network of 20 devices prove which side of an interior door each device is at?

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Ok; now with the newest XYO Network app, there is a line that says “Total in network”

I have over 100K.

Does that mean I have 100K+ XYO tokens once the network moves from BETA to a live network?