Automatic Direction Finder


This may be a novel idea but it’s a simple way to introduce XYO to the masses. How about a “point to” direction finder app? I’ve had this idea for awhile. One of the oldest navigation aids used by airplanes is the NDB or non directional radio beacon. An instrument called the Automatic Direction Finder has an arrow that simply points in the direction of a particular tuned in ground beacon relative to the airplane’s location.

Recently I thought of the idea again when I was at the state fair surrounded by a mob of people. What if you’re separated from someone in a large place on foot and just want to know in what direction they are and how far away? Enter an app that will run a query on the XYO mainnet, do some math, then display an arrow that points in the direction of the person you’re looking for. This could work hand-in-hand with the phone’s internal compass to ensure the “relative” direction of the target is properly displayed with the phone’s orientation… so the arrow always points in the right direction.

I’m not sure if this could be updated in real-time as your GPS position changes or if new queries would need to be run through the network for each data refresh. Either way, I always wondered how the airplane concept could be implemented in a smaller setting on the ground. It looks like XYO can make that possible!


That’s really interesting! The nature of the network means that in and of itself, it’s not really suitable for providing real-time information. However, building this as Bridge dApp, which provides this information in realtime to the users of the dApp AND interacts with other XYO Network devices nearby to earn the user XYO, could be very feasible.


Like that very useful idea. If all your group has XYO installed on their phones, could the arrow/ arrows point you in right direction?
May be handy for police entering phone no of missing person / child / villain


Maybe it could be a way to attract more bridge miners? I’d think for xyo to be successful as a large ecosystem it needs to be targeted to multiple niche markets along with the big use cases such as shipping and tracking. People could function as a bridge without it necessarily being their primary goal to run a bridge. Just some thoughts, but I think the ADF arrow would be a great dApp.

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