Auto mining update

I just updated the app and mining is now at crawl speed. I want the old app back. I could manually mine twice as fast as this new app can auto mine. Even with the auto mining option turned off it is still just as slow for me to manual mine. So I basically get half the rewards that I used to get. Anyone else experiencing this?


iPhone X. And today my xyo per mine is less than 1.00 where as I was getting above 4.00


Hopefully that will get corrected as well. Otherwise we would have all wasted our money buying these kits…


Could you manually mine 24 hours a day? I can’t… so I don’t mind that it is a bit slower and bit less with rewards on the auto collect… those of us in the US would probably wake up to having everything geomined by the time we got our morning coffee. But try manually mining and paying attention… you’ll get some 0.xx then pop 13.x, 18.x and 19.x… I literally just got 0.57 followed by a 19.xx as I was writing this.


You got a 19? I have been manually mining from my house and haven’t cracked 2

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No joke… so far I’ve seen mostly under 1 for manually mining… but I took notice of a 5.55, 13.x, 18.x and 19.x… someone over on the Reddit XYONetwork also replied to me that they saw an 18 tonight… so it’s possible… good luck!

Nice. Hopefully that kicks in for me soon.

“SERVER ERROR” Pop-up window comes on screen which you need to manually click and it kills the auto collection which you need to restart. Did this to me four times in a row.


Yeah, I noticed that also. I often even got that before when I was walking around my university campus and going in and out of wifi range. I got in the habit of turning wifi off when walking. Of course, if I was manually mining, I would be able to clear it.

I hope the devs look at that, perhaps just throw up “server error” like “already collected” used to be and then clear itself. I’m going to try leaving auto collect on tonight to see what happens and how much in total I collect while sleeping. I expect to probably wake up to that error, but hopefully I get mostly a full night of auto collecting.

Thanks, I’ll try turning off WiFi on phone but doesn’t help with tablet. Tablet needs WiFi :nauseated_face:

At least 20 manual mines so far. Max reward is 1.6 xyo. This new update is great… Thx guys :frowning: At a cost of …002 per coin I have pulled down a cool .03c in the last 30 minutes. I am killing it !!!

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Ha! It’s even more like going to a casino now! Maybe you’ll eventually get lucky. Keep pulling the handle.

You on the move or just sitting stationary?

Haven’t moved. Sitting at home.

We’ll be millionaires by Stardate 3214. :rofl::skull::hugs::mega:

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This morning I actually tried mining while I was on my morning run and I got just over 400 XYO for the 40 minute/5 mile run. I’m going to run the same 5 miles tomorrow and manually collect again, but I’m going to start writing down my beginning and ending amounts to track a little better. Will be really curious what I average tomorrow compared to today.


No Not noticed,yet anyway. Bit early. May notice a difference after a few days.
It does mean that when driving alone set to auto is much safer and able to mine when I would not normally. So I think it’s marvellous.
Big THANK YOU to XYO team

19??? the biggest coins for me was maybe 4.0.
I let it run all night woke up at 2 am to find the Server error or cant find the sentenials when I have 16 of the things.
Maybe 1 day??

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I did finally get a 17 and a 19 on my way to drop my kids off from school. But that was when I manually mined at stop lights, etc. I haven’t seen anything that high when I have the auto miner on though.

So today I woke to “Server Error” as expected but there is a good chance that was because my crappy BT crapped out at some point (was off when I got up in the morning). I went to bed at 10, happen to wake at midnight and saw it still up and had auto collected about 150 tokens in that 2 hours. Then I got up this morning at 4 and saw it only collected another 25 until it crapped out. Still, 175 more than I’ve ever gotten during sleep on any other night, so I’m not complaining.

On my run yesterday (actually was closer to 4 miles/35 minutes) I got about 415 if I recall. Today on the same exact run (actively mining… so pressing the pick-axe like yesterday) I got 210.79. Had some time, and ran another 2 miles and got 91.88. Seems actively mining is averaging about 50 a mile where before it got me 100 a mile (limited sample size for sure). Will repeat my run next week with auto collect turned on to see what kind of results I get.

I meant to test auto collect today on my 4 mile bike commute, but I forgot to turn off wifi when I left the house and threw my device in my bag. So when it switched to cell, I got the dreaded “Server Error” and collected nothing on the way in! Damn! Oh well, I’ll try again on my way home and remember to turn off wifi first.

My experience is the same the last 2 days with the kit. Can anyone tell why?