Atlanta Georgia (ATL Chapter)

Anyone from Georgia want to hangout? I’m still trying to wrap my head around how to interface with the protocol, but once I can get something basic running I want to launch a dApp with a casual play experience


Hey @Sixophrenia

I’m trying to get into the dev world. I need to get set up with software and prioritize languages to learn (currently just do MATLAB stuff).

Any recommendations on how to set up a beginner work station (from a software standpoint) -IDEs, SDKs, etc. to get started on simple dApp development?

Obviously I should learn Solidity but I’m guessing C++ and JavaScript might be helpful as well.


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Javascript was the most helpful for me. That’s how I put my “foot in the door” to start learning solidity

I’m logging in, just as the “Special addition AMA” concluded. They were talking about local chapters for xyo/protocol meetups.

Solidity can function on its own in a very barebones cli/limited-interface type style. XYO has actually created a universal interface for testing dApps though. It’s still barebones.
Solidity would be the first thing to learn I guess. Yeah. Definitely actually. Then get into smoother interfaces later.

Javascript/Html5/css3 is how I serve up my interfaces.

I am available at anytime in Atlanta. I’m currently working on an online gaming & gambling ecosystem, so maybe we can stem off of that if it’s a 1on1. but I would like to cluster with more people for a bit more of a spatial experience.


Is anyone in ATL setup with bridges and sentinels? I see future possible profits from helping each other expand our geo-datasets. I think I want to create a Geo-mining Pool. Thoughts anyone?


I’m a bit late, but I’m in Lawrenceville. I’ll participate in any local meet ups / discussions / pools, etc. I don’t check in here a lot, so if there’s a way to notify me of events that would be great.