and IOS app showing different data



When i look at the IOS app it shows I have almost 1000 bound witnesses. However when i look at / it shows me around 300.

I have checked to make sure i have logged in to the same account.
Refreshed the page.
The sentinel count and bridge count match.
I have verified that the archivist and port are the same.
I have attempted to remove the archivists and re-add however the detach button doesn’t work.



Miscjames, great question. Working with one of our top Tech minds to provide a useful response for you. He or I will be back to you.


Quick follow up. We are aware of that, and we’ve got one of our top minds on the Dev team—brilliant guy name Ryan—looking into this. We’ll continue to work on it behind the scenes and resolve it as quickly as possible.

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you guys are awesome!!!

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@Smalheiser, hey any updates on this one ?

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Hi Miscjames, your patience is appreciated. Checking to see if we have a specific response for you on this. Will post here if I have something. How about simply trying to add another archivist and see if that does it.


@Smalheiser great idea. Do you have a few archivist i could try out? I am not trying to come off pushy just trying to help.

This might help i tried a different phone with the xyo network app and my same account. The sentinels and devices were all correct. However it started its bound witness count at 1. so my thinking is the bound witness count we see is the count sent from the device and not the amount of bound witness we have contributed to the network.


@Miscjames See below for the Archivist I believe most folks including me are connected to. Give it a shot. And on the mobile app the bound witness count you see is for the device…you have it right.

AND…we’re working to improve the phrasing on the app and a number of other things to make it easier to use, etc. As always, stay tuned. Improvements always underway.


@Smalheiser XYO team being awesome as usual!

I think we are using the same default archivist.

I am using: 11001

I would really be excited to see a count of all the bound witnesses my account contributed to the network. As i want to start experimenting with putting out multiple bridges in key locations etc. And something to think about. A way to set/ change the payment key for all of bound witness and bridge uploads all at once. A dashboard of sorts.

I know you guys are working on all kinds of stuff. I am just kicking out ideas. And i am loving the journey. Let me know how i can help.