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Just firing up an iphone to mine with and can’t find the Coin app in the App store.

Try searching on coin xyo!

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@MileHighGeoMining, @PresNav is correct, search ‘Coin XYO’

(I tried sharing the link but it wasn’t working)

Network app only shows up. I bet its the ios ver. that’s the problem.

Not sure, I just looked in the app store, here are two screenshots of what I saw!


Indeed I needed to do an update on the phone! I’m surprised that it wouldn’t show up at all though. Thank you for your time!



Just a heads up in case anyone missed the news, but they are reporting on Reddit that the Android app was updated in the play store today. I’m not an Android user so, go check it out and confirm please droidheads.

Edit, here’s a link to the thread. I just asked someone to confirm, but it has 14 upvotes so that’s a pretty good indication.

It’s confirmed.

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