Anyone from UK?


I am in Brighton Sussex anyone else near by?


Alnwick Northumberland

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Hey fellow UK XYO’er :slight_smile: ANYONE else in our UK club!!? When did you get in?Who was first UK member? :slight_smile:


I’m in haslemere Surrey


North Wales


I am in Brighton East Sussex!! Welcome here or I can come to you…

Steve Sole


I’M having same error message
Also connected monitor, keyboard, mouse and router to bridge but monitor remains blank. Anyone know how to bring it to life?


Can you see a red light on inside the bridge box to show it has power?

Are you using HDMI to connect to the monitor? Mine is connected to a TV via HDMI, I had no problems seeing it.

Maybe you could try a TV?


Billy_Idle- yes can see red light OK
Thanks, I’ll try tv. Maybe my monitor nakerd


Hi all, I’m in Greater Manchester and mining all over North West


Great to hear another in UK
Think we’re up to about 12 in UK now.
I’m in Northumberland mining away.
Good luck finding that elusive 5
I’ve had 4.99


Hi everyone, I live in Bournemouth UK. I’m present on the Euro XYO Group too, where I know of another who libe 8 miles north of Bournemouth. My highest geomine has been 4.99 (with my 8 or 9 sentinels in range.
Is everybody awaiting the Matrix news on 28th March?Screenshot_2019-03-29-07-59-52
Highest geodrop mined so far… 18.51!!! Anymore peeps in UK?


Haha think I’ve had a 4.56 but never a 5, that sounds like pure fantasy :joy:


Hi :wave:
‘Matrix’ ?
Please explain


Hi ukeuroshops
I’m in Northumberland and know of 9 others in UK. Max I have had is 4.99 Mostly 0.? With 8 sentinals. Those mining with no sentinels getting 12 x less, I guess, will soon give up.


Don’t get despondent. I started of will low results but made sure my sentinels were made to stay awake by making them seen by the XYO App on my smartphone.
Is true, I own a Geomining kit, which may have something to do with it. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you download the XY Findables App too and register there each sentinel in the App.

Mike Stenner just announced that SCOTT SCHEPER, XYO CO-FOUNDER


in 06 DAYS 04 HOURS 07 MINS & SECS

Beginning March 20th 2019 at 12pm PDT

Will be sharing his vision for the future over 3 days!

Don’t want to miss it!!!

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Hi, In York, are you all showing up on Matrix map?
Not sure why i am not - any ideas?

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Hi @Moomin, honestly I have no idea, not sure the Matrix map works very well at all and there is no way to tell how old the data is.
I am in Bolton, Greater Manchester and when I look I can see my data but it is never representative of my recent activity.
Also it is off by about 50 metres in a North Easterly direction.
Hopefully they will work bugs out as time goes on :crossed_fingers:

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Has any one found a use for the Bridge yet? even after flashing it with the latest firmware I can find little to no use for it. Cant even flash the sentinels now with it.

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Nope :-1:
Think it won’t pay :moneybag: until we can add a payment key :key:
I’m guessing that’ll come in an update