Android Ver that doesn't install COIN?

I am receiving a message that this latest version of COIN cannot be installed on the version of Android.
Any suggestions as to how to circumvent this problem (Yes, it is an old tablet that I just purchased 2nd hand for use as a dedicated COIN monitor and miner.)

What version of Android is your tablet running? As far as I know, v5 or greater was always necessary, although I think I saw reference to Android 4.4 support being dropped by XYO at some point, so it may have worked on lower versions in the past.

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I believe you need Android version 5.0 or newer. If you are on an older version, you’ll need to flash a custom rom.

Thanks for such practical info. Now i need to roll up the sleeves. Flashing ROM isn’t just a picnic. Any suggestions as to a useful place for guidance?

@rabkan I haven’t tackled this yet, but when I do it will be with: I don’t know if they target tablets. I will be getting a new phone this month, so my trusty Nexus 5 will finally be available to hack away. First thing will be to replace the battery that’s shot, then getting to Android 8 or maybe 9. However you figure out how to do it, give it a go and report back.