Android Network App w/ firmware?


So has anyone using Android been able to update the XY Network App and push new firmware? I still only see April 1 version in the Play store… We got an update to COIN tonight that talked about fixing sentinel disconnects (seemed to jump over a version from 7 straight to 9) but still no ability to push and claim sentinels… Anyone?


My brother said he still doesn’t have XY Network App update. He’s on Android.

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Nope; only the April Fool’s version available. :thinking::rofl:


Hey folks.

Here’s a newer version of the app for Android. Always a work in progress - always tweaking. This was just updated today.



@Smalheiser no difference from last update



I’m for hire!


@Smalheiser I echo @KaptKos… when checking out the link, the last updated is April 20. Yesterday the last update was April 17. But you only saw this when looking via a browser from the desktop (or once I did manage to get it pulled up in desktop mode of my phone’s browser). But when actaully you go to the Play store on your phone to download, the only thing available is still April 1 (v.0.1.17-beta). I haven’t gotten an update notification and trying to uninstall and reinstall just gives me back the April 1 version. This is the reason I started this thread, wondering if I was just doing something wrong to get the Apr 17 (now Apr 20) update.


Is this an Omen?

Or just one half?


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Will get the latest on this @_ryan @KaptKos

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Our Head of Product confirmed timing: Look for the next, updated version of the XYO Network app for Android within 1-2 weeks.


Idk…have you seen what is on the internet? :crazy_face:


@Smalheiser 3 weeks after iOS users?!? How am I supposed to continue being smug about being part of the glorious Android master race and not one of those dirty iOS peasants? :unamused:

ah well, thanks for the update… I promise not to ask again on any forum or social media outlet for… ummm… 2 weeks and 1 day… :innocent:


Hello Android Master. I’m one of your dirty iOS peasants :wink::grin: That made me laugh. My brother lords the whole split screen on Android over me.

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I’m innocent!!! :joy::thinking::grin:


How did you get the street view Mr kaptkos?


Click on the top left icon and there is a DD list:


Please expand the link and click to be taken to the live vote…


New user here. Actually just joined that site as well. Were you ever able to get the firmware pushed. Cause…I’m not and I just got the kit yesterday. Unable to add my sentinels. :frowning: