An Open Letter to XYO Geomining Kit Owners: Get Ready. Period

I just posted this everyone:

Read it and let me know your thoughts here!

Let’s do this! We’re about to get cranking on overdrive again.


Im assuming that xy4’s are the xyo ebabled sentials you refered to as one of the two approaches?

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I had read this before, but never commented on it. I LOVE your energy! I know as much about tech as your left pinkie fingernail. Which is to say…mostly nothing! :grin: However, I truly love the idea and theory of XYO. And have been going along for the ride since June of last year. Got my shares, got my Gamma tokens, and Geominer kit.

I can see the potential of XYO changing the whole world, for the better, for everyone…especially working class and lower socioeconomic class folks. I don’t really have techie words or ideas, but I’m so excited to see what you and Arie and the XYO family have in store for us!

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