Amazon echo should integrate it


Amazon echo devices that have bluetooth should be able to confirm delivery of packages. While UPS and the post office already send confirmations of delivery, there have been many cases where they post office lied about packages being delivered before they actually had been delivered in order to meet contractual obligations with Amazon. If every echo device with bluetooth integrated this capability, this would be a huge. In addition, in some cases, Amazon could tell when a package was delivered and then moved away from the delivery address. This could corroborate or potentially contradict claims about a package being stolen.


That is a very useful idea. If Amazon was to integrate the XYO protocol then it would make the scalability of the technology so much wider and faster. The merits of XYO tech over the traditional tracking methods would, as you say guarantee, actual geographical delivery each time. The potential of XYO is mind boggling when you consider the full potential of a working real time geodata DLT. I do like it a lot.


Hi miroku000

If every person has an personal identifier (Smartphone app) on the protocol then the Amazon devices are strictly speaking not necessary. Of course getting Amazon to buy into the business would be very useful for cross corrobation. The more location nodes on the XYO network; the better resolution of geodata.


From a purely technical perspective, getting Amazon to buy in would not be necessary. However, from a business perspective, it would overnight grow the number of sentinels astronomically. In addition, think of all the free publicity there would be and interest from other companies as a result. Once Amazon was on board, everyone else would be scrambling to catch up.