Address mining profits

Hi… How does one attach a wallet address to a specific sentinel to accumulate earned xyo?


I would like to know this as well

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I am curious as well

I think everyone has the same question.

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Yes same here!

Me as well!, and would like to know more about all the different settings in the mining dashboard. Does anybody know where I can find them?

So the idea about the Geomining Kit was so “anyone” can be a geominer. Just turn it on and it works. No need to hook up to wifi right? No need to hook up to a monitor right?

That’s all great but we need to know if things are working. Some how some way. How do we know it’s working?

To echo everyone else in this thread… “What are my profits if any?”

When I attempted to update the sentinel firmware, I received a warning that my device was not compatible with XYO. That’s a bit confusing. What does that mean?

XYO Dev Team, please throw us a bone.

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I would like not only a timeline on wallet links, but to know what actually is contained within a payload.

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I would like to k kw this as well.

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Hey guys!

More information on rewards will be announced when we launch our mining network.

Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements :slight_smile: