Adding XYO tokens to Metamask

Can someone please put up some step by step screenshots of adding XYO tokens to metamask? I keep searching and am finding roundabout ways and no real relevant information. If there IS something out there with exact steps please post the link. Thank you!!!

I bought some XYO tokens on the exchange, sent them to my MetaMask address and when I linked the XYO Matrix to the wallet they were there (I had to change to MainNet).

But how do you get metamask to have ethereum AND xyo??? There are details needed to add that particular coin, it isn’t an option to just choose from a group of tokens and click and add. Where did you get your information to make your wallet with metamask xyo wallet?

XYO needs to be added as a custom token. Did you see this?:

You can’t withdraw directly from COIN. You need to request a withdrawal by clicking on the white bar with the XYO logo. They’ll send you a link that lets you create a custom token wallet for XYO in MetaMask so you won’t need to convert to ETH.

Where do you find the address info for xyo to add it as other?

Once you’ve requested a withdrawal, XY will send you an email with the subject line “COIN Withdrawal Request”. I believe it’s an auto-generated email so you should receive it right away. The bottom of the email will have the address to copy/paste into the “Token Contract Address” field in MetaMask.

For sending Tokens from COIN, your ETH address is the same as your XYO address!

*This is due to XYO riding on the ETH blockchain.

Info needed for MetaMask:
Contact - 0x55296f69f40ea6d20e478533c15a6b08b654e758
Symbol - XYO
Decimals of Precision - 18

*so you can verifiy the info above -

Hope that helps!

I am not sure how or why anyone got the impression this had anything to do with the Coin app but it doesn’t.

I have to earn enough to withdraw which i am not even close. It is a pretty user friendly app so i think i can handle it lol.

Thank you Roman! Between work and sleep I missed the Etherscan part! When I get a chance I will grab it and go. That, my friend was the missing piece :).

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Sorry, butterfingers, someone else asked a question about COIN and I confused their question with yours. I’m joining the battling between work and sleep as well.