XYO Improvement Proposals (XIPs). Where ideas are born from the XYO Community and implemented into the XYO Network. XIPs can include Protocol improvements, API improvements, SDK improvements, Geomining improvements, Geodapp API improvements, Cryptoeconomic improvements and more!


XYO Network Improvement Proposals (“XIPs”) is a concept inspired by Ethereum’s EIPs and Python’s PEP methodology of soliciting ideas from the community in order to improve the technology’s ecosystem.

If you have an idea, feature or technical proposal, YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO CRAFT AN XIP!!!

XIPs Mission

The mission of XIPs centers on facilitating well-reasoned discourse in order to improve the XYO Network.


There’s a few things we ask: Please make sure you really apply critical thought in your XIP submission.

The purpose of submitting an XIP is to showcase a DETAILED and WELL-THOUGHT-OUT idea.

This is NOT a place to just post off-the-cuff thoughts.

XIP Status

The XIP will be assigned the following status, depending on its phase:

  • Draft - an XIP that is undergoing rapid iteration and changes
  • Last Call - an XIP that is done with its initial iteration and ready for review by a wide audience
  • Accepted - an XIP that has been Accepted by the XYO Network team.
  • Implemented - an XIP that has been completed by being implemented by the XYO Network Team.
  • Deferred - an XIP that is not being considered for immediate adoption, but may be reconsidered in the future.

XIP Template Format

XIPs must follow a template and be proposed in a specific format. Here is the template below:

Here is the template to use when posting a NEW XIP:



If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here below!

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