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DO you see this forum being available by iOS app anytime soon? An app of the community would be nice for on the go.

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How about adding bots like “CryptoWhale” to get up to the second information on crypto in certain rooms.

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Possible to get a referal link to earn from referals?

I have got two friends very interested in the project that have NEVER even bought BTC in the last few days (in real life) they are reading your white paper and discussing witgh wives/gfs.

I told them like I see it this type of tech is like our great grandfathers laying the roads building the railways etc!! We are now the ones paving the way!!!


Paving the way for a Brighter Future with XYO :wink:


Or like Reddits BCH Tipper Bot for peoples comments :slight_smile:

WOuld it be posible to tip people mentioning XYO on other forums/reddit/facebook etc?

That way friends will trust the posts more and friends will tell their friends especially if tipped in the coin they are mentioning :slight_smile:
As long as it is all like the team say!! No problem!
I would be very annoyed though if XYO didnt live up to all the promises and I ended up getting others involved lol …
SO keep up the good work? AT present we are trusting that you are!!..

Some videos to rest our minds would be awesome!

DOes tagging like this work on here for Google searches etc?



Would be handy having XYO price ETH price and any other tradeables to compare price that we can trade if want to…
So great idea!!