About a grand + bunch of time wasted, enough


Wow, just caught up with the thread. Gonna ignore a bunch of stuff. Good to see some folks who can call things for what they are. A lawsuit will probably produce nothing and surely those assholes had their lawyers do their due diligence on this. I just wish I did mine. This thing had a scam written all over it from the gitgo but they did a pretty good magic trick and are still trying to fool people into thinking that they got something serious to offer. Well, as mentioned above they really don’t have a useful product that actually matters. If this thing disappeared today no functionality would be lost at all. As far as I can tell there is nothing to see here and it’s probably time to move along. However, I might just hold on to this junk for possible evidence. Obviously I’m not the only one who knows they got shafted. The rest will figure it out in time. And when enough people realize that this was just a technobabble crtypto scam all along and contact SEC they might just do something about it.


I can sincerely guarantee that if they didn’t make it there are tons other companies just waiting to pick up where they would leave off. There is a lot of potential out there for their ideas and plans.

I wish all the negativity and complaints would be in one place instead of the same people EVERYWHERE saying the same thing. It really makes them look like they are working for other companies up against xy.

Somebody has a question, boom, bullshit spewed.
Someone wants to learn more, boom, more bullshit spewed.

It’s old, annoying, same headache from same people over and over and over. Sad thing is, every discussion here has the same bitchy comments and they all think no one here’s anything unless they keep repeating it all. It’s a very sad world we live in when people TRY to stay focused and try to have faith and hope and others consistently got to knock us down and keep kicking!


If you want to sell your sentinels or bridge or shares, you can contact me directly. I would buy them from you if you still have them

I see your point. I pretty much said all I was gonna say about this thing. I would just oblige you and go delete the whole thread because I really don’t give a shit anymore but it’s not mine to delete. I meant everything I said so no regrets there. I just won’t be checking this anymore so don’t bother replying to me directly. Life is too short to be waisted on this nonesence. To all of you folks who are onto XYO and those still in the cult I wish good luck regardless. At the end of the day we all squat down and take a shit the same way. Peace.

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At the end of the day, XYO network is going to the moon, weather you believe it or not (literally). The reason this is a fact is because the xyo network team especially the founders are going to work their asses of to make it happen. The reason why this statement isn’t just bold and isn’t just a hype bubble that’s growing only to pop is because it is the XYO family dream to succeed. It is not just the XYO family with in the company, but also the thousands and thousands that support the network, it’s their dream also. If you are not working your ass of to bring this dream to a reality. Then you are not apart of the dreamers. BECOME A DREAMER, see the vision, join the movement. People, companies, brands, icons don’t become well known or what they are sitting around hoping everything works out. Where in it to win it. It’s not just screw it lets do it!!! It’s screw the doubt, the doubters, the negativity, the blocks, the fails, the set backs, the time wasters, the opposition!!! CAUSE WE HAVE A DREAM!! The XYO dream, even if the company dies, even if the peopled died, THE DREAM WILL ALWAYS STAY ALIVE! cause SCREW IT, WE ARE DEFINITELY DOING IT!!! Most importantly, me personally not affiliated with XYO at all except for 7 Sentinels a coin app and a few hundred thousand XYO tokens on Kucoin the CEO of a new start CEP TECH will work my ass off with or without the help of XYO network to make this work. EVEN IF THEY GO BUST, I will still be out their promoting their dream LOL, I’m sure their are hundreds even thousand of individuals companies that share the same views. To those having doubts, doubt your doubts, to those in fear, fear is not real. Danger is real, but fear is an enemy that clouds and confuses the mind and only for the worst. But it is what it is, don’t get me wrong, yes their are dodgy companies, dodgy people, I have also had my fair share of really really bad investments. That’s why its always better to invest in things that your willing to do the actual work on, that could effectively have a slight advantage to your favor. Otherwise its not really investing its just gambling.

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Dreaming isn’t a solid business strategy. Lots of people have dreams. Business is a formula, it’s actually a real thing, that can be measured.

Dreaming is very nice, but dreaming is not business. You demonstrate precisely the mentality behind millions of failed businesses. You have to work to make a business succeed, not dream.

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XYO is great tech, but let’s face it: some of us are Eskimos and XY is the refrigerator salesperson. if this company didn’t have the energetic, pumped-up personality that Scott brings to it, I doubt it would have it’s hardcore believers who are seemingly more influenced by catchphrases delivered by its founder, while jumping off the walls than what he actually has to sell. Scott’s a great motivator, I’ll give him that, but if you imagine the exact same product being presented by someone with a deadpan personality on The Dataist show, would you really be a hardcore “believer”? A little skepticism can be healthy.

Maybe Scott should go into the entertainment business. I can see him working in the circus.

Exactly my point thanks for confirming that to everyone and adding in the most essential part in succeeding. The dream is only but the driving force, the results come from how precisely and how accurately you plan and execute that formula. Also remember great things come from failures especially if they never quite. That’s the key to success right there never ever giving up. No matter what.

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To be honest the only thing that has caught my attention and interest in the XYO Network company is the technology and the concept and endless possibilities. Sure the things they have said and sold so far aren’t worth jumping over the moon about, especially considering the XYO Coin prices :blush: But the things that aren’t being sold or talked about yet is whats intriguing. Especially for new start businesses looking to get in the block chain world. XYO offer a platform for marketing, growth, technological advancement and most importantly innovation. Once this company actually gets of the ground, its going to be like the business hub or central place for thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs. To be honest the slower they take to get off the ground the better it is for me as a business anyway, especially being a new start. It takes time to get the ball rolling and I need all the time I can get for my tech to catch up. I think Scott’s a breath of fresh air, because it’s easy to know that all his hyped catchphrases and deadpan personality is authentic. He may come off as an all over the place kind of guy that jumps before he thinks, but we don’t know what he know’s we don’t know what he sees, or understands, he’s more intelligent than people give him credit for. He’s a visionary, the rare sort that can perceive something that’s possible, that’s not yet quite understood but knows he can make it a reality. I think so far him and his team have done a bloody good job considering. I’m not sure what anyone else sees. but all I see is delivery. The coin app speaks for itself, the network is on its way. I think the difference with me is I’ve invested more of my time than money. And so far I think it has been very well spent.

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Well said! It is an ambitious project.

The problem with the XYO project is that they aren’t clear at all about what they have to never give up on. You need a solid plan to believe in, not an endless stream of hype and fan gear to push to keep the cash coming in. What is their plan right now, that is actually being worked on, besides recruiting new suckers with the COIN app? I have 16 Sentinels, and I still can’t connect one to a bridge. Now my app drops the Sentinels when I go outside. They have a lot of stupid problems to fix before they can get busy on any plan. They have a lot of ideas, but ideas and plans are two different things. So far, the only plan I can detect is that they are going to be the biggest thing that ever hit, not only on Earth, but on Mars too. If you find out anything else, please let us know!

Really? What evidence do you have of any of that? Again, ideas aren’t plans. What indication do you have of this company having the skills, integrity, and personal drive to actually develop a marketable product besides the Bait and Switch Coin App? Wouldn’t you want to see some solid business decisions, like the owners cutting their own bloated salaries until there is some kind of a profit shown? My daughter co-founded CrossFit. She and her partner Greg lived on couches and floors and ate hot dogs for 10 years while they were building their now spectacularly successful business. I had to buy Greg his beer, it was not in the budget. That is not the only start-up I witnessed. I saw many that were run exactly like XYO, as ego gratification for some self-centered narcissists with grandiose notions. I never saw one of those succeed. There’s pie, and there’s pie-in-the-sky. So far, XYO is of the non-earthly type. Just a nice but baseless hope! If you ever get a slice of real pie, please let us know!