A quick history lesson from Reddit

A share from the Reddit community.

Let’s take a look at their “Products” so far:

-XY find-it…ehhhh.

-XYO crypto established on ethereums blockchain as a token…sounds like a good idea: Selling bridge (cheap Ras Pi), sentinels (cheap bluetooth devices mass produced in china), then add a bunch of other cool computer words like diviner and archivist for the blockchain that should have been the primary “product” to focus on.

–Fast forward about a year:

=======Coin app comes out and seems fun…yayyyy

=======Layoff half of staff and blockchain development seems to come to a halt

=======Bridges become bricks

=======Sentinels still useful when used with the app although buggy because they were originally for XY company

=======Coin app rewards mysteriously slow down before layoff then ramp up a little to get us happy again

=======Ok we got them happy again let’s roll out a free sentinel campaign but charge them an obnoxious shipping and handling. Classic move.

=======Ok now that we suckered them in again for something free lets start charging to collect more crypto on the app

=======Since we’ve essentially rendered all of our products useless to the company…how about we just shove the largest dildo up their ass and say if you pay more for the app upgrade you don’t need a sentinel.

Meanwhile the whole time: They sponsored a nascar racecar, paid for celebrity endorsements (on Youtube), took trips mining their own crypto, and wrote out a manifesto that included that they had to have dog walkers walk their dogs while plushing it up in California making 250k/yr plus.

Kudos XYO,
Lloyd Christmas

That Shlepper creature has a full time assistant who travels with him and caters to his every need. I get the strongest “Mommy’s Big Smart Boy” vibes from him, don’t know why. I wonder if he requires his socks to be ironed too. Important people are big on those kinds of details.

The idea of being rich and successful is that first you become successful and that’s how you get rich. Unless you are a thief, then you steal other people’s money and live like a successful person, but in truth, you are just a sleazy, talentless thief, even if your designer socks have nice neat creases in them.