2019 Roadmap to Greatness!

Who will want to buy shares in the satellite? We will be on watch to see how sales in that will be structured. It is obvious that orbital platforms will be necessary to have a global network.

Second, the other area of interest will be the “onboarding of larger businesses.” For those of us shareholders on the outside it is pure speculation as to which larger businesses are good prospects. Obviously Amazon, UPS, FedEx, heck, even maybe the USPS all have use cases. It would appear that the limiting factor at this point is the system capabilities are still somewhat “aspirational” rather than operational. So my analysis would be a business that has a used case that the system can tackle now would be the better prospect. The research project with the FedEx is noteworthy, and it would be nice to see a pilot project come from something like that.

Just saying here…us shareholders here in flyover country hope to have a couple of positive announcements this year that keep moving XYO closer to implementation of the vision. Till then we will mine on!

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