1 or 8 Sentinels at a time

Just getting started but have a basic question. When travelling around the community performing geo-mining using the Coin App, is there any advantage to having 8 Sentinels with you and having all of them mining versus just having one Sentinel with you?

At first it appeared to me that I was getting more coin on average if I had more than 1 sentinel nearby, but I believe that was just random luck. XYO has stated at this point it does not make a difference how many the COIN app sees, and I believe that’s true from what I see with 1 vs more. Your just getting a random amount somewhere between .1 and 4. something.

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Thank you for that insight!

Hi @Glen … my recommendation is 2… just in case one turns off or loses signal.


@Glen, @GeorgeM
I have not noticed any change in amount of XYO mined regarding amount of Sentinels within reach. But I definitely agree with @GeorgeM, having two or three around I have noticed that I never get a “No Sentinels Connected Error”. When I have only one around, it tends to happen every once in a while. However, today a new update was pushed out for the COIN app, its major change was Bluetooth scanning improvement. So this may have changed. Great question, hope the Mining is going great. To The Moon!!!

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:

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